With the advent of computers came the idea of the internet. This idea was harbored by prominent professionals who put in a lot of effort to come up with a significant number of improvements and advancements in the way the web works.

Presently, the internet has more than 3 billion users and as a matter of fact, businesses now turn to the internet to help them in the day to day activities or running of their businesses. This actually orchestrated the need for businesses to seek the services of Web Developers. Who is a Web Developer? What does a Web Developer do? Must a Web Developer study computer science in school? These and a lot of questions have been asked. However, an in-depth look will be given to the concept of web development and who is a Web Developer as well as the roles they play.

Who is a Web Developer?

In simple terms, one can say that Web Developers are individuals that put in their time and effort into ensuring that the internet works smoothly so that business and other individuals can enjoy huge benefits that the internet has to afford. The internet world would be useless without the help f Web Developers. They are the life of the internet. They go the extra mile to ensure that the various websites and other important areas of the internet are better developed to give the best results.

Roles of a Web Developer

1. Writing Codes

The Web Developers are often charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the proper codes for websites are written. This way, the interface of the website is well-formed. They form this code by the use of various coding and markup languages.

2. Creating Websites

These professionals have the requisite knowledge through computer science and other forms of personal learning experience to generate websites from scratch. They often make use of various web development tools including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others.

3. They Are Experts in HTML and CMS

These are some of the coding languages that Web Developers use to communicate with the various areas of the web.

Requirements for Becoming a Web Developer

1. Knowledge of Websites

The first thing that every person needs in order to become a successful Web Developer is a strong knowledge of the internet. This includes creating and maintaining websites.

2. Learning the Various Coding Languages

This is another step to becoming a great Web Developer. You have to have a great understanding of the various coding languages that are used on the internet. Some of these coding languages include JavaScript, CSS, HTML, UI/UX, PHP, SQL, SEO and a host of others.

3. Spend More Time on the Internet

In the internet world, most of the job to be done is more practical rather than theoretical and this means that you need to put in more time into staying online. This way, you will get to understand better than just reading books and articles.

4. Determination and Time

Lastly, without putting in much time and a determination to succeed in the web development world, you cannot be a Web Developer.

In conclusion, it should be noted that as a Web Developer, there are a lot of job opportunities for you and you can never go out of demand.